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How to transfer share through meroshare

First, What is EDIS?

EDIS (Electronic Delivery Instruction Slip) is a service that allows the investors to sell shares before submitting their (POA) Power of Attorney. It is one of the most to-do processes for selling any of your shares (stock), it makes your transaction authentic and legal in some easy steps. Only Demat accounts that are in a single name can get the EDIS service.

What is Mero Share?

Mero Share is an online platform where you can see all of your share transactions with a related Demat account. It is a digital online portal of CDSC (Central Depository System and Clearing Ltd), which you can access through its website and mobile app. It is the easiest way to check any released IPO, FPO & more. You can also apply to any of them and simply check the results too.

First login to your meroshare. To do that simply you can visit or you can use the meroshare app.

Then, you will see the regular dashboard of the Mero Share. Now, follow these simple steps:

  • Then click My Purchase Source in the shown dashboard.
  • It opens the Purchase Source and My Holdings section. Click the Purchase Source section.
  • Then search and select the company code later it shows the table of your stock with its descriptions.
  • Select and do proceed after that update the WACC calculation purpose declaration.

Then click on the My Holdings section

  • First, select the stock on the table and do proceed.
  • Then select the CGT calculation purpose and click update.

Then click My EDIS on the dashboard

After completing the My Purchase Source and My Holdings section go back to the dashboard of Mero Share and click on My EDIS which is the last process of Share transferring.

  • It shows the Transfer Request Report, Transfer Shares & No Delivery Trades section.
  • Then click on to Transfer Shares section and it opens the settlement table of your purchased share.
  • Click to view details of your share (stock).
  • Then a table opens up where you can check or edit the quantity of your share (stock).
  • Check & click proceed, after that click the agree and do confirm.


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